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Our values guide the way we work. They act as a reminder of what matters to us as an organisation.

We revisited them in 2020, in consultation with young musicians, our staff team and trustees.

They are:

Influence - We work alongside young disabled musicians to challenge preconceptions and influence change

Diversity - We bring about greater diversity by driving musical inclusion and disabled representation

Creativity - We engage audiences through exciting music, made and shared in creative ways

Community - We support communities of individuals and organisations to make positive change happen


ALISON PIC resized.png

Alison Maxhuni (she/her)
Trusts and Foundations Manager

Alison has a background in arts and heritage charities and not-for-profits, most recently as a fundraiser. 

Barry 2021 portrait.jpg

Barry Farrimond-Chuong MBE (he/him)


Barry has a wealth of experience developing, strengthening and leading social enterprise and third-sector arts organisations and is respected as an authority on accessible music technology.


Bea Hubble (she/her)
Programme Manager

Bea has worked across the charity sector focusing on inclusion and accessibility within music education.  She delivers and presents large-scale, interactive projects designed with youth voice at the heart.  As a classically trained oboist, Bea enjoys performing in concerts that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary audiences.

Ben Waller, National Open Youth Orchestra Pastoral Support Officer

Ben Waller (he/him)
National Open Youth Orchestra Pastoral Support Officer

Ben has extensive experience working with the disabled community including project managing arts events, working in education, leading advocacy groups and delivering accessible music projects. He helps ensure that musicians’ needs are being met both socially and emotionally.


Demi Delaperelle (she/her)
Programme Officer

Demi is an experienced SEND teacher within the public sector. She has also worked for disability-focused education charities. She loves organisation, administration and planning; and has a passion for inclusivity within the arts sector and beyond.

Doug Bott, Musical Director

Doug Bott (he/him)
Artistic Director

Doug is an accomplished arts and education leader with a passion for delivering positive social change through music. Doug divides his time between his two roles as Artistic Director of Open Up Music and CEO of Music Therapy Works.


Evie Sherry-Starmer (they/them)

Executive Assistant

Evie worked in higher education before joining the third sector. They have a wide range of experience including supporting boards, executive teams and disabled artists. Evie has a personal interest in inclusive community arts projects - particularly contemporary dance. They are also a DIY punk musician!

Gabe white_edited.jpg

Gabriel Herzog (he/they)

Fundraising Officer

Gabriel has worked in many different teams, most recently in theatre in London and at home in the USA. As a disabled artist himself, Gabriel is passionate about inclusivity in all art forms, and is excited to use their skills to support the fundraising team. 

Helen Stevens, Operations Manager Open Up Music

Helen Stevens (she/her)

Head of Operations

Helen's background is in the not-for-profit and public sector, working across fundraising, event management, volunteer management and operations for some of the UK’s leading education and health charities.

Julia Le, Marketing and Communications Manager Open Up Music

Julia Le (she/her)
Head of Marketing and Communications 

Julia has worked on building brands and developing markets in France, the UK and New Zealand - both as a consultant and in-house. Her experience covers a variety of sectors from consumer goods to finance through to social enterprise and the arts. 

Jonathan Westrup, Education Manager Open Up Music

Jonathan Westrup (he/him)
Programme Manager

Jonathan's experience working with young disabled people is in music education. He has played a key role in developing accessible accreditation opportunities in music and worked extensively as a trainer and mentor for musicians and teachers in school settings.

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